As Central Canada’s largest custom sign manufacturer and operating for over 33 years under the same ownership, Electra Sign is committed to quality, and customer service.

Electra Sign specializes in all aspects of the sign industry – from channel letters to pylon signs, from fascia signs to electronic message centres and offers complete installation and maintenance services.  Our products are manufactured on-site and meet or exceed all standards set by the CSA, further guaranteeing our customers the quality they have come to expect.  Electra Sign is committed to using environmentally friendly products and ensuring the safety of all our employees.   Electra Sign is registered with the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba and is currently working towards COR certification.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry allows us to seamlessly combine the needs of the customer with proven techniques in the creation of captivating, effective signage.

Electra Sign has been providing sign service in Northern Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta for 33 years and has developed a very strong system of recording and responding to service calls in a timely manner.  

Our crews are experts at servicing all types of signage and all types of lighting technology and we are proud to have this reflected in our high quality of work.
Electra Sign has provided service to over 3500 customers with various types and sizes of signs.  Customers such as Federated Co-op have locations across the Western Canada and detailed records of each location are always kept for future service and installations.  

Graphics, colours, parts and sizes of signs Electra Sign Ltd. has manufactured are always kept on file for future reference.  This has allowed Electra Sign to develop a large data base with information on the signs we have manufactured, so our crews are aware of what to expect when they arrive on site and possible materials they may need to complete the job.  This allows for efficient service for our customers and a reduction of overall time on site.

Electra Sign Ltd. pioneered the use of LED lighting for signs in our region.  

Electra Sign has 3 manufacturing locations:
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Regina, Saskatchewan
Edmonton, Alberta