EAGLE ELECTRIC BIKES designs, manufacturers, distributes and markets electric cycles. Our premium bike is the Eagle Chopper which has been designed from the ground-up as the ultimate electric bike.

Unlike other electric pushbikes, it features motor-cycle levels of comfort, stability, control and appearance in a package that complies with all regulations, provides comparable performance and range to standard electric-modified pushbikes at similar cost to most conventional quality electric pushbikes.

Stand-out features include a full motorcycle seat and sissy-bar/backrest for comfort, full motorcycle-type rear wheel for stability, control, comfort and long tyre wear, wide-spaced, fully adjustable handlebars for good control, and angled/raked forks for superior steering stability.

The stylish frame is much tougher and more rigid than standard bike frames, facilitiates access and enhances appearance without significantly affecting weight. Importantly this design provides for safe, comfortable feet-down starts/stops and provides for a range of sizes and ages of rider ( 8 to 80) without seat adjustment.

This machine has also been purpose-built for the rental market and is available in Lease packages for tourism and eco-tourism operators.

This business is owned and operated by third-generation cycle enthusiasts and experts and plans to gradually produce more custom-designed-and-built special purpose electric bicycles for other applications.

We primarily supply the wholesale/distributro and toursim rental markets and distribute world-wide.

We also build custom models for major promotional purposes, particularly in packages of multiple cycles - e.g. for sales-incentives, competitions, give-aways etc.

Detailed information is available on our website.