Tara Marino is a woman of deep sensuality and feminine energy.  Over the years she has helped women live the life they desire - without sacrifice.  She's a unique mix of East coast sensibility, West coast golden girl, ballerina and international business professional.

Tara's powerful ability to guide women to their desires comes not only from her diverse background, but from the heart-breaking experience of losing her first son.

At just 25, Tara was confronted with a choice - to breakdown or to breakthrough.   Instead of asking  “Why me?"   Tara asked herself "How?" How to live after her son's death? How to achieve her dreams? How to CHOOSE the impact of this experience on her life? It's through this introspection and spirit-guided journey that she was inspired to create a life-changing, revolutionary system for women called The Femme Types™.

Today, Tara has crafted a life that includes a loving marriage, raising two bright and beautiful boys, creating a multiple 6-figure business, and fulfilling her life-long dream of living in France.

You may learn more about Tara and the Femme Types™ by visiting her website at www.ElegantFemme.com.