At Elegant Estates we are ‘market-makers.’ We break tradition by giving your property the most creative up-front exposure and momentum to reach your specific audience. Only by attracting the most qualified buyers will spirited and competitive bidding occur. Our  expertise defines who and where the buyers are, as well as how to reach them. Our proprietary multi-faceted campaign directed to: our client base, the most active brokers, trade journals, appropriate print advertising, powerful internet web portals, email, and key public relations players assures the best possible buyer turnout and sales results.In many cases the property sells prior to the auction.

The Elegant Estates Auction House not only knows value – we also understand salesmanship. We never lose sight of our desire to maintain and exceed our reputation within the industry. Each Auctioneer is a proven master of ‘applied crowd psychology’ and is able to maximize our seller’s return on assets. During the sale itself, our staff keeps the auction fast paced, exciting and well orchestrated. The outcome is an auction in which both sellers and buyers receive a fair and equitable result.