About Element Jewellery and their journey in contemporary jewellery retailing
Founded in 2003, Element Jewellery’s signature style blends the aesthetic of the gallery with the customer focus of a contemporary jewellery shop with personal service. Like signature scents or bespoke clothes, wearing exquisite pieces of jewellery is the perfect antidote to obsessions about the latest ‘It’ bag and its emphasis on the throw-away.

"A piece of jewellery is so personal," says Element Jewellery’s owner Caroline Kindy: "No matter how much you spend on clothes, you know they are probably not going to be around for more than a couple of seasons, but your jewellery will be with you forever."

Happily for our loyal and global contemporary jewellery customer base, ‘investment dressing’ Element style does not come with the associated hefty price tags, and there really is something for everyone, whatever your budget.

It’s this successful blending of the luxury shopping experience for unique and stylish pieces at affordable prices that has become one of the hallmarks of Element Jewellery’s success, along with our eco-friendly credentials that are truly pioneering rather than bandwagon-jumping.

Behind the company are directors Caroline Kindy and Nick Shields with backgrounds in marketing and commercial interior and product design. Their passion for contemporary jewellery, understated design and innovation feed into every aspect of Element Jewellery and ultimately deliver an experience worth experiencing!

Now in its sixth year of trading from the heart of Hebden Bridge, Element Jewellery blends the aesthetic of a contemporary jewellery gallery with the customer focus of a boutique with great personal service.

An oasis of civilised calm and tranquillity, Element Contemporary Jewellery plays relaxing ambient music and scents the store with uplifting fragrances. We’re proud that our fresh and innovative approach to shopping for jewellery has already made an impression amongst contemporary jewellery aficionados across the UK.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate piece of contemporary jewellery or a truly unique piece of handmade jewellery, we genuinely want our customers to love each and every purchase.

Always delighted to welcome you, we’re sure you can combine your quest for the UKs very best contemporary and designer jewellery with some down-to-earth Yorkshire hospitality.