There are two separate entities to E-BO. The primary entity is breeding both Mealworms and Mice. At this time I do not ship. Please note: I only breed regular mealworms; I do not breed Superworms (they are full of chemicals and hormones that carry no nutritional value to our pets). I sell both live and frozen mice (accept for pinkies, they are live only) and I am working towards selling baked/dehydrated mealworms.

I have a 10+ year old Albino Corn Snake, Zacchaeus, and a 6+ year old Bearded Dragon, Nacho; I want just as healthy of feeders for my pets as yours. I feed my pets out of the same stock that I sell from, so rest assured they are healthy, plump and given the utmost care and attention to keep them in the healthiest environments possible.

The second entity of E-BO is the Claytastic side! I create a multitude of Polymer Creations; Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Patriotic themes. I also have a habit of creating what new idea popped into my head! In addition, what I am most known for is making personalized cake Topper's for weddings, birthdays, etc. Take a look at my "Claytastic" tab for a preview of some of my creations.

Take some time to browse my website and get to know E-BO! I think you'll find it worth your time. If you do not have a need for my business than maybe you will leave my site having learned something new! If you have a need for feeders, I am absolutely certain that my feeders are much healthier and content during their life w/E-BO than anything found in a pet store.