Established under a team of experience for more than 10 years. Elettro Electrical Cabinet Accessories has created its presence in both domestic and international markets. we as a professional manufacturer of Air-Vents, Push Button Station, Fan Finger Guard, Junction Box, Document Holders, Locks, Hinges, Handles, and other accessories matching for high and low voltage switch gears, meters, communication cabinets. We integrate R & D, Innovation, Creation, Manufacturing, and sales together.

Elettro Electrical Cabinet Accessories is been empowered with a team of more than 50 employees in our company, including 6 administrators, 4 intermediate and senior technicians. We possess more than 150 advanced machining sets and perfect molds, thermoplastic injections, pressing, and hardware parts. Each of our products is a high–end one, designed, developed, and produced by the complete implementation of the International Organization for Standardization

Elettro Electrical Cabinet Accessories has a network of more than 150 dealers and 300 OEMs across India, We also export to various Countries like U.A.E, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, CANADA, BANGLADESH, SOUTHEAST ASIA, etc.