Elevate Dog Training & Behavior provides a full range of training and behavior modification services using only positive reinforcement methods, including classical conditioning. We offer virtual services for non-locals, training in your home while you are at work for those with hectic schedules, and traditional training with you and your dog for those wanting to learn all the details.  The head trainer specializes in shy, fearful, and traumatized dogs, but we also handle "aggression" / reactivity and a variety of other cases. We can privately work with puppies as young as 3 to 4 weeks with your vet's approval (visit our website for a video example), help you learn how to do stress-free dog nail maintenance--and / or how to achieve stress reduced vet visits--as well as other maintenance without stress, and a host of other important skills. www.elevatedogtraining.com

Sighthound Sanctuary & Animal Services is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare charity whose dream is for animals to live safe, comfortable, happy, respected lives; we believe that this goal cannot be met without rescue organizations implementing strong protection policies, R+ training and handling programs, and classical conditioning behavior modification / emotional rehabilitation programs.

While we specialize in sighthounds, in behavioral and emotional rehabilitation, via practices grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis, and in the training of fearful, feral, and traumatized dogs, we also seek to help other animals and other animal welfare and rescue organizations when possible.

Our Mission:

Save, protect, and elevate the lives of sighthounds and other animals via rescue, R+ training, behavior modification, & emotional rehabilitation, public education and assistance programs, and safe haven for abandoned, abused, traumatized, fearful, and neglected sighthounds, and other dogs as funds and space allow. Provide public awareness and education campaigns designed to prevent abuse and ensure care, safety, and prevention of neglect and harm. Offer public outreach and assistance to encourage and help create better conditions for companion animals. When appropriate, provide careful placement with free training assistance and lifelong affiliation & failsafe, in order to ensure each homed dog's continued safety and well-being. Be available to assist and encourage, to the extent they have interest, other rescue organizations, shelters, and animal welfare and behavior professionals to work together to ensure the ever-improving care and safety of rescued, treated, and / or homed animals throughout their natural lives.

As animal professionals, not only can we do better to protect animals, it is our duty to do so, from the very moment we have the capability. sighthoundsanctuary.org