General Information:
Elia Tours is based in Brisbane, Australia, and provides Specialist Vacations and English Study Tours.

Key services include:
• 10-day itineraries based on specific hobbies including horse riding, scuba diving, bush walking
• English Study Tours (can be combined with any of the above itineraries)
• Business English/Team Building Courses
• Adventure Weekends

The Markets:
Most products are targeted at the international market. However, the adventure weekends are targeted at a local audience and are popular with young city-based professionals.

The Concept:
Elia Tours arose from the idea of combining traditional classroom-based English lessons with vacation activities in order to help students improve their English in a short period of time.
Today the company has expanded to include Specialist Vacations (without English Study), adventure weekends and Business English courses.
Most itineraries are focused on a specific hobby or interest e.g. horse riding or scuba diving.
For our English Study students this addresses a real problem faced by those who feel unable to use the technical terms associated with their chosen hobby or interest.
There are also more generic itineraries (for example, Discover South-East Queensland) which offer a sampling of some of the best activities and destinations available in this beautiful region of Australia.
The adventure weekends, particularly the horse riding weekend trip, have proved a huge hit with young professionals based around the Brisbane region and gift vouchers for this product are increasingly popular.

June 2007 in Brisbane, Australia.