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We at Elite Ink Studios are committed to quality customer service.
We are proud to have been voted Metro Detroit's best tattoo studio for 10 straight years!
Our guarantee: We insist on using sterilized and prepackaged single-use needles to promote cleanliness and quick healing time. All staff that represents Elite Ink have received Blood Borne Pathogen Certification from the American Red Cross and follow local health department regulations.

You can expect that you will be educated on your procedure. The more you understand, the more you will appreciate the experience. Take a deep breath and relax! This is what you’ve always wanted. It will be an experience of a lifetime. An educated consumer has the BEST body modification

About Us
We have over 25 years experience in this industry, and we hope that our expertise will motivate your decision.  We hope these tips will help you make the right alterations for your body.
Things to consider:
Make sure to review your subject matter with your artist before the committing to a session. Select a tattooist based on your tastes. You should look for enthusiasm with the artist. He/She should be excited to create this for you.  You should critique their portfolio based on smoothness of drawings and line work. Solid colors should be clear and clean and portraits should be easily recognizable.

Our Process:

You are dedicating a part of your body. Reflect on the meaning and purpose of this piece and the exact location is also critical.
What is the art work theme? What is its meaning to you?
Do your homework. Research it online and bring in artwork designs or sketch that you would like it to look like.
Etiquette (Yes! Mind your Tattooing manners!)

This is a lifelong decision. Don’t be under the influence of anything before your session.
Be calm before your appointment. Meditate, do yoga, breathe.
Be on time! This affects your artist schedule the rest of the day. You really don’t want him/her rushing!
Please don’t try to bargain. This is not a flea market, and we’ve already discounted all of our services. We provide the best work for the best price around.
Don’t forget to bring a sketch or artwork ideas with you
Eat before you come in. You don’t want to be uncomfortable and hungry.
Dress is a manner that is easily accessed for the tattoo placement
Please shower before your appointment
Please don’t be a tattoo advisor or bring one with you. If you are not sure, wait until you’re 100% sure.
You may bring one friend or support person, but don’t bring extra people, it’s a distraction and again you want to be in a calm relaxed state.
Don’t talk on your cell when you’re in session. Both you are you artist should be focus for the best experience.
If you’re pregnant, you can’t have a tattoo or piercing. It’s for the safety of your baby and yourself.  

Our artists are well versed in styles and techniques. Our staff demonstrates knowledge and talent working traditional, Japanese, Tribal, Portrait and bold color pieces. Integrate detail and shading is all part of our fantastic prices. Did we mention that we’re really friendly too? You won’t believe the service, quality and attention to detail is so affordable, you’ll want to find more areas to design and enhance!

There are a variety of piercing services we can help you achieve. The most common are ear, nose, tongue, navel as well as more complex areas. Our professional piecing staff eludes confidence as they strive to perfect each procedure with minimum discomfort of the client in mind.

How old must I be?
18 with a valid ID. Legal guardian or parent with birth certificate and parent license for those under 18.

How much do we charge?
There is a minimum of $25. Larger pieces with great detail are at $125/hour. You can ask for a quote on a design. Visit one of our studios. Piercing price includes jewelry.

Do you accept debit?
Yes, absolutely. Visa, MasterCard, cash or debit.

Does Discount Tattoos and Piercings accept walk-ins?
Walk-ins are welcome. If you make an appointment, a $20 non-refundable down payment would be requested. Please arrive promptly.

How do you sterilize instruments?
All instruments are prepackaged and sterilized in a hospital-grade autoclave. All of our equipment and chairs are also sanitized after each session.

Is it painful?
Often it depends on the person and their threshold for pain. It also depends on the location of the tattoo.