Elite X Training is not your typical exercise facility. Unlike the big box gyms, our classes are typically limited in size to under 12 people. We find this promotes a far more social atmosphere, attention to proper exercise style and an all-around more satisfying experience.

We feature a huge array of popular programs, including
* Nitro Boot Camp - 60 minutes of high intensity circuit training
* Blender Boot Camp - Fast circuits involving crazy moves & unique equipment
* Zumba & Zumba Strength - Exercise meets Brazillian dance - it's a party!
* Vinyasa Yoga - Increase your flexibility while getting a full body workout
* Kickboxing - Punch, Kick and sweat your way to serious fitness
* Cardio Fusion - Think Boot Camp that is a series of exhausting cardio circuits
* Butts & Gutz - as billed, this class is your ticket to rock hard Arms & Glutes
* Kidz Fit Club - Fitness made FUN! For ages 8-13
* Body Sculpt - 60 Minutes of dumb bell training for a full body workout
* HEAVY DUTY - Heavy lifts and presses for 45 minutes thrashing the body head to toe!
* Tabata X - innovating interval-based workout involving only bodyweight - you'll love it! :D

In addition to the 11 different styles of classes and personal training(available every day but Sunday), we offer Body Transformation Class - a highly successful 8 week class that is a mix of education, motivation and accountability. We also hold a number of social events to promote a sense of community at EXT, in addition to special events such as 5k Races, Beginners Yoga 101& Line Dancing lessons

No Contracts or auto-billing required. All classes require pre-registration, and first visit is always FREE!

Check us out at EliteXTraining.com