Founded by Xinjian Venture Capital and Dingshuo Consulting, Elite Stage is a platform that provides One-stop business Solution for start-ups and foreign enterprises.

            Main Services: Enterprises Registration, Bilingual Financial Advisory & Tax services, Government Support, Business Center Service, Legal Consultancy, Licenses Application, Project Management and Risk Control related Services.
            Elite Stage Value
●Experienced Knowledge: Senior Registration Experiences, Bilingual Services, all kinds of Permits application
●Professional Background: Big Four CPA Firm Auditor background partner, simultaneous interpreter & Senior Accountant
●Government Support: Major industrial parks government resources & Venture Capital support
●One Stop Solution: Include Registration, Financial Advisory & Tax, Legal, Language and Business Center Service

At Elite Stage, the core principles of high performance, and strict standards guide the way we work with our clients, and our long-term relationship partner also work together with us to offer clients one stop solution consistently !