Elizabeth Francina Fernandez LTD prepares your child for success!

Elizabeth Francina Fernandez, is listed with the Department Of Education in the UK as an Alternative Education Provision provider that is a environmentally friendly with a distinct range of Art courses with royalties.

Our vision is to create a exceptional environmentally friendly, educational system for distinguished students, that enables all participates to enhance their talents. In our  Arts through the most advanced technologies in the 21st century, acquiring the most distinguished, Royal Chartered, qualification’s from Cambridge University ESOL examinations to reading with the Open University which supports all our students that we have enrolled.

In our pursuit, for Elite success, in Home Education, we can enable students, children and adults, to envision their future within a free -thinking environment, to all who seek an  academic journey paying student royalties.

Elizabeth Francina Fernandez Ltd is a school listed on the Global Gateway School Partnerships, managed by the British Council on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are a Mirachi and Sephardi Jewish girls school specializing in ESOL, Music Management, Creative Writing and Engineering.

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