ESSPL transforms your ideas into IT solutions by developing and delivering custom defined, bespoke software and providing managed services for critical business processes.  

We have extensive experience in developing, testing & sustaining software applications build to improve Productivity, Profitability and improve planning in Supply Chain Logistics. We have more than 10 years of experience in building solutions for Global Supply Chain Logistics, especially 3PL solutions. Our experience covers the entire breadth of Supply Chain Logistics starting from Supply Chain planning & analysis, Logistics operations management, warehouse & transportation management solutions, Business Intelligence and Logistics visibility.  We also offer Managed Services for critical business processes like e-documentation, Managed EDI and automated invoice reconciliation.

Our services include:

1. Logistics Next Generation solutions:  Next generation technology is being used as a differentiator to improve B2B relationships by transportation companies globally.  We have created a solutions portfolio to help you leverage such cutting edge technology to improve client relationships.

a) Realtime visibility solutions: We partner with industry leaders & product implementation companies to build real-time visibility for Transportation management. This could help provide clear visibility and helps optimise your transportation costs. You can provide real time status updates to your B2B customers so that they can plan their operations in line with expected delivery timing.  
b) Bigdata & Analytics: Big data helps you leverage comments and unstructured data on social networks and build a closer relationship with your customers.  Many large global companies like FedEx and DHL use Twitter to improve their customer relationships. We partner with global product companies to help you leverage Big data and use Business Analytics to improve client relationships.  

2. Logistics Classic solutions:  We partner with established product companies who have software products serving the classic functions of Transportation.  We have addressed issues of compliance and usage by adding on e-training modules.

a) Customize, Implement & Deploy solutions like warehousing, transport management and workforce management.  

b) e-training: create e-training modules for your Supply Chain software applications to ensure that your global user base is well versed with the features and integrate with a Learning Management System platform to enable you to track and monitor progress of learning among such users

3. IT services :

a) Onsite embedded team model:
Our experts are available to become embedded into your team, especially for critical skills like Business Intelligence.  Our experts deliver a blend of Supply Chain domain experience and technology expertise especially in Microsoft BI family of tools.

b) Global Delivery model:
i) Custom software applications: Building new Software to address a problem or a gap in your current Supply chain software
ii) Modernizing existing software: Migrate your software to the latest technologies without significantly changing User Experience
iii) Testing partner: Manual testing (Test planning, implementation, reporting) and Test Automation (Selenium Webdriver Framework based automation)
iv) Business Intelligence: Integrating your business processes, extracting data and converting it to insightful reports using Microsoft BI tool chain

4. Managed services :
a) e-documentation: Build, Operate and Transfer a document capture and management platform based on Ephesoft / Alfresco or on Ephesoft / Sharepoint
b) Managed EDI: Setup partners, create maps and manage all EDI transactions on platforms like GXS to ensure Zero defect EDI services and generation of appropriate management and performance reports
c) e-reconciliation: Build, Operate and Transfer a platform to reconcile your disparate business systems so that your management team has an integrated view of the entire business

Our customers are located primarily in Europe and North America while we have our offices in India and UK, with partners representing us in the US.  Our clientele consists of some of the leading Global Supply Chain Logistics companies like DAMCO, TNT POST, SVITZER and companies like ASPECT, JDR CABLES, CSDC & HITACHI to name a few.

ESSPL was incorporated in the year 1998 by industry experts with wide international exposure. ESSPL is rated as a leader in the Small & Medium category in terms of growth & revenue.  ESSPL has dedicated team of 150+ IT professionals have 500 man years of experience & expertise. Customer satisfaction is the prime measure of ESSPL's success.

For more information, please get in touch by emailing at ess@esspl.com or log on to www.esspl.com