Visiting a Dentist doesn't need to be a painful or miserable experience.

What is about going to the dentist that is so terrifying? Is it the high pitched whining tools that as soon as they pull them out your whole body goes into shock? Is it the goofy masks that they wear as they are looming over you poking around in your mouth? Or maybe its the needles that they stick into your gums. Or is it many of the other things that happen while you are at your visit.

We think that each and every one of these fears is completely real; however we feel the reason is that most often we really don't know whats about to happen or what is going on in our mouth.

You should know what it is that is going to happen during each and every visit, most importantly why it is going to happen. Visiting the dentist is not as bad as it seems most of the time, our job first and foremost is to make you comfortable while you are with us. As with most things in life "a little understanding goes a long way" usually it can be the determining factor between success and failure.

Definition of Doctor: a person skilled or specializing in healing arts; especially : one (as a physician, dentist, or veterinarian) who holds an advanced degree and is licensed to practice.

Most of all, when you leave our office we want you to feel as if you knew what is was that just happened. We want you to understand that although uncomfortable and even annoying to need to visit as we say the dentists office; most of the time by making regular visits you are actually avoiding the real pains associated with your teeth, gums and mouth.
When it comes to services we offer a wide range of services that all begin with our complimentary X-Rays with every New Patient Exam*; this is a $120.00 value that we feel is essential first step in developing a relationship with you and your mouth. *(certain restrictions apply and this offer cannot be combined with any other offers). Click here to schedule your first visit now.
A few of the services we offer include the following -

   * Preventive Dental Care

   * Air Abrasion (Drill-Free Fillings)

   * Laser Therapy & Gum Care

   * Micro Dentistry

   * Sedation Dentistry

   * Dental Implants

   * Bite Disease
We invite you to consider the benefits and excellence of our professional care, skill and judgment in every area of health and dental wellness.
Discover the comfort of modern dentistry as we apply it , by first understanding your needs ,and meeting those needs, using the best solutions and alternatives that fit with your choices and expectations.

As professionals, your comfort, safety and the health of both your mouth and body is our primary focus at all times. Tom Tinney Dentistry understands the need for consistent care. We treat each patient like family. Our compassionate, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible. Because we are dentist owned, we are patient driven. This means that we can focus more on providing excellent care, and less on the bottom line. We are not tied to any large dental corporation. We provide effective care that is responsive to the needs of the community of Elk Grove, Sacramento and surrounding communities. Being independently owned means that we are able to focus on you!

Meet  Dr Tom Tinney, DDS - picture below
Dr Tinney graduated from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in 1979.

Between 1979 - 1987, he practiced in clinic settings and associated with private practitioners before enlisting in the US Air Force, Dental Corp .
Dr Tinney is an active member of DOCS, the Dental Organization of Oral Conscious Sedation, having completed (at this time) over 450 cases.
He’s also a member of the Comfort Academy: Dental Professionals Dedicated to Patient Comfort, as well as the Dental Anxiety network.
Dr Tinney is a certified instructor (for dentists) in Micro-Air Abrasion , and is also trained in Restorative Microdentistry.
Dr Tinney is a graduate of FACE: the Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education where he was trained in Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, Full Mouth Rehabilitation and treatment of TMD (“TMJ”, joint and “bite” disease)
Dr Tinney is also very passionate about his membership in Centers for Dental Medicine , an organization committed to the education and  treatment of  mouth-to-body diseases, oral and systemic health.
At one time , Dr Tinney was a traveling dentist for 17 convalescent rest homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, before opening his private practice in Sacramento, Ca. in May of 1987.
“It took me 8 years to settle down after becoming a dentist. I was a ‘late bloomer’. Got married at age 35 on July 12, 1986 to my wife, Candy.  My daughter , Alissa, was born 3 years later.”

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