Ella's Bubbles is a manufacturer and premium distributor of walk-in bathtubs, bathroom fixtures and tile.

When you purchase your products from Ella's, you can be confident that you will receive the utmost in product quality and customer support. This is our passion.

With careful attention to every detail, from precision engineering to quality craftsmanship and customer assistance, we are recognized as the industry standard in bathroom ware. Our goal is to make luxury fixtures affordable and available to everyone, without compromising the artistic design that our clients have come to expect. We place great emphasis on the quality of our products, and we know the importance of providing elegant beauty consistent with value and comfort!

Ella's has the flexibility to strategically pool less-then-container (LCL) and container orders from multiple factories. The consolidation of the orders, all pinpointed for a common destination, enables participants to reap the benefits of shared costs and scheduled one step delivery. Our customers are showrooms, developers, industry professionals or any clients who want to save money on quality supplies for their projects.