Does your Elevator Speech work? Getting a second chance to talk about your business is mandatory if you want to convert casual contacts into prospects and clients.

If you build your business through networking, your first impression – your elevator speech – must be compelling.  You have 7-10 seconds to capture the interest of the listener.  If successful, you’ll hear: “Tell me more about your business.” When that happens, you earn a second chance to explain your business and turn casual contacts into prospects.  Ellen teaches you how to improve your message so you stand out, win attention and walk away with new prospects.  

Ellen specializes in teaching entrepreneurs and small businesses how to promote their company through networking.  As The Elevator Speech Therapist™, the core of her training programs address how to develop a compelling introduction that immediately causes the listener to want to know more about your business.  Another major focus of her training programs focus on the importance of recognizing why referrals are important and how they are generated.  She teaches how to build a strong coalition of strategic referral partners and the basics of how to maintain those vital relationships.  

In addition to developing an effective message and a strong referral partner list, her clients learn how to develop a laser-focused client list.  She teaches you where to look for those clients and how to engage others in the quest.  She conducts post-event debriefs to improve the quality of leads gained and to increase the chances of success at future events.  She teaches the art of controlling a conversation so both parties win and stresses the importance of being a resource to everyone you meet.  

Ellen is renowned  for the sheer number of business connections forged for others over the years. This was underscored with her nomination for the 2009 International Business Matchmaker of the Year Award.

For six years prior to forming her own highly successful business, Kaminsky served as the Membership Director for the Dulles Regional Chamber of Commerce, the third largest chamber in the Baltimore/Washington area.  She interacted with thousands of businesses and it was through these connections that Ellen honed her skills as a business mentor.  Ellen volunteers extensively in her community and is a sought-after speaker at events that affect other people’s lives.

Additional information about Ms. Kaminsky can be found on her web pages at www.EllenKaminsky.com or by emailing her at Ellen@EllenKaminsky.com