Ellett Law Offices was founded by Ron Ellett in 1993 to provide quality attorney representation in the area of bankruptcy law. Ronald J. Ellett has helped thousands of people and businesses obtain a new financial start through Chapters 7, 13 and 11. Ron Ellett handles each case with the help of the qualified professionals at Ellett Law Offices. Ron Ellett is also an experienced trial attorney having won trials in U.S. District Court, Bankruptcy Court and the state Courts of Arizona. Ron Ellett has also won cases before the Arizona Supreme Court and the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.    Moreover, Mr. Ellett has been the winning attorney in over twenty five published decision that established new precedents in the area of bankruptcy law.  
Ron Ellett is a graduate of Northwestern University Law School and also holds a M.A. in Economics from Northwestern University. He completed Law School while serving on the faculty of that prestigious university.
Mr. Ellett successfully reorganized Professional Medical Transport through a confirmed Chapter 11 Plan. In all mr. Ellett has confimred over 700 plans in Chapters 11 and 13
Ron Ellett has also been personally commended by the Arizona Supreme Court for his work on behalf of the homeless. The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District Court has also specially recognized Ron Ellett for his distinguished pro bono service on behalf of Chapter 13 bankruptcy debtors.  Ron Ellett has been a tireless advocate for the poor throughout his impressive twenty year career.