Since 1973 we have been focused entirely on consulting to the building support services industry. In the early years we practiced cleaning systems quality analysis, re-bidding and inspection norms of the day. And, when we measured results, our clients indeed performed better than their competitors. But, we are committed to moving our clients beyond better — to best! Through the years we challenged ourselves and our clients to find innovated ideas and creative strategies to help our clients to become the best of their industry’s best.

A few powerful philosophies have come to characterize our firm in this journey. First and foremost was a commitment to sustainable results over activity. We created a systematic consulting framework that created proactive, green, results oriented, best-in-class cleaning performance for our clients. We launched our firm into new, groundbreaking methods and sustainable systems with a single minded purpose to deliver the best value for our clients. We were one of the earliest developers of the Performance-Based cleaning strategy; and we’ve reviewed, created or modified over 530 of these contracts over the years. We have become our client’s strongest Advocate, standing on their side in the search for extraordinary savings, extraordinary quality and extraordinary value.

We have provided cleaning consulting services to universities, airports, rail stations, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, government facilities and other facilities.

In addition to our extraordinary consulting capability to deliver amazing performance results, we have developed an innovative software-based resource for clients to serve as their own consultant to measure, manage and improve the quality of cleaning services.