LLC is a ‘next generation’ email solutions company offering branding, compliance and email based sales conversion tools for both marketers and sales professionals.
LLC offers an everything email, e-messaging solutions and a specialist consultation service which includes:
•     One-to-One email for sales people: Employee email solution that offers branded, tracked employee email and compliance solutions.
Features include ; Banner and Branded email templating, real time ‘silent email tracking for improved prospect follow up and automated signature control using single point relayed email
•     One to Many; Using a sophisticated yet easy to use solution marketeers can send quality Campaign email, SMS, Survey, Events, transactional email and automation campaigns
•     LiveLink; Document sending and control
•     Everything email: Anti-virus, Spam protection
•     SMS; Gateway solution for single event SMS campaigns or integration with CRM systems
LLC has a focus on high value B2B and B2C communications and offers solutions for Marketeers, Sales People, IT managers and Contact Centres