EmailDirect provides web-based software that allows online marketers to easily: build email marketing campaigns, manage/segment email contact lists, send permission-based email messages and track the performance of email campaigns. EmailDirect does not sell or rent lists rather we consult and provide creative ways for your organization to grow its own subscriber list.

Service and Expertise
Unlike too many other ESPs, EmailDirect doesn't provide its clients with login information and then disappear. Regardless of the service plan, EmailDirect dedicates a single point of contact to every client. Our email marketing consultants know their client's mailing schedule and program strategy. Their assistance isn't limited to interface questions; they help with creative optimization, reporting analysis and overall direction. EmailDirect works intimately with hundreds of clients, not hundreds of thousands. Explore our plans and see what works best for your business.


The proprietary EmailDirect technology was developed by email marketers for email marketers. The user interface is extremely easy to navigate and use. New features are constantly developed based on user feedback. Visit http://emaildirect.com/Features.aspx for a complete list of features.


Delivering bulk email can be a challenge to say the least. Working with EmailDirect immediately starts your email efforts off on the right foot. Since we dedicate IPs to you, we won't require you to re-confirm your entire customer list. Visit the http://emaildirect.com/Deliverability.aspx to learn how EmailDirect gets email delivered.

Discover the Full Service Difference:

Having a Full Service EmailDirect account means you have full disposal to a team of email marketing experts. We employ specialists in creative optimization, email delivery technology and email marketing strategy. By working closely with EmailDirect, you can be sure your email program is performing to maximum potential.

Our Full Service Plan is geared for companies that want to focus on core competencies and leave the email up to us. With the exception of writing your copy; Full Service includes everything. We design email creative, we code HTML email creatives, we optimize creative for deliverability, we deploy campaigns, we analyze campaign performance and we report back with actionable data and suggestions.