Anaheim Hills, CA Embody Studios, Inc operator of the Embody Pole Fitness brand studios serving southern California announced the opening of their new online store, EmbodyDirect.com (www.embodydirect.com ).  Founded by a veteran dancer and dance instructor,  Embody Direct will take the Embody mission to enhance women’s physical and emotional fitness in a new direction by making equipment and training available to women outside the Southern California area. Embody Direct will provide ladies access to the most complete collection of alternative fitness products on the web.  Women can shop for the highest quality pole dancing, aerial arts, ballet barre, functional strength equipment, DVD’s and specialty fitness apparel.

“Our expansion into this market represents a substantial opportunity for Embody. Our company’s committed to helping women build self esteem and personal awareness, and one of our biggest challenges was how to capitalize and expand on the success of our physical locations. Additionally, there’s wasn’t much online for women wanting to getting involved in these types of activities. said Diana Boyle Owner and Chief Operating Officer. “We are very excited because this is as an opportunity to export the Embody experience to women everywhere.”

Diana also added, “We have been working diligently for several months to enhance the online shopping experience by becoming an informational hub for women’s fitness instead of just a retailer.” EmbodyDirect.com has agreed to become a seller of Queen of Hearts, Onzi, Karma Wear, Pleaser Shoes, and Troy Barbell. They will also be manufacturing, and shipping their unique Embody brand products to the nationwide market in late 2012.

For more information contact EmbodyDirect.com at  (714) 782-7860 or email at info@embodydirect.com.

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Cell Phone: 951-310-3344,
Email: info@embodypolefitness.com
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