Embrace Activism was created in response to frustration over the continued rise in numbers of women battling breast cancer.  Exercise is one way to reduce the risk of cancer and many other serious illnesses.  Yoga is an ideal form of exercise with a style available to everyone.  It is a goal of Embrace Activism to empower people to take more control over their own health & wellness and enjoy the many benefits of a regular yoga practice.

Sadly, we all know individuals who 'do all the right things' and still hear the words, "You have cancer."  Embrace Activism also strives to make a difference.  Our charitable giving program allows consumers to direct 10% of their purchase to a charity they choose.

Fighting breast cancer was the original motivation and our Limited Edition "Shockingly Pink" Awareness Color line of products does just that.  Future Awareness Color lines will be added including red for heart disease & stroke as well as AIDS/HIV, brown for colorectal cancer, and orange for multiple sclerosis allowing yoga students a way to make a difference in the diseases that impact them and/or their loved ones.