EmergenSee®'s revolutionary technology turns your smartphone into a personal security system that Instantly Streams Live Video, Audio, GPS Location & Movements to pre-set safety contacts or EmergenSee's Professional Monitoring Center when threatening and/or potentially dangerous situations are encountered.

With just one tap, responders can immediately see, hear, follow and communicate with you as your incident unfolds.  Responders effectively react to the situation at hand and get you the immediate help needed.

Professional Responders at EmergenSee's Command Centers have a Nationwide Jurisdictional lookup capability that allows them to contact the nearest Police, Fire and/or EMS plus provide them with all the information of your incident so they can respond with complete situational awareness. Even if the user's phone is destroyed during an incident all the data transmitted is stored and archived in EmergenSee's secured servers which is watermarked and of evidentiary quality. 

EmergenSee's patented technology provides millions of people the safety they deserve every day. 

EmergenSee is currently providing Businesses, Municipalities, Universities, Government Agencies, Individuals and Families with an advanced state-of-the-art security platform across the country and around the world. 
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-     Live Streaming Video with Audio
-     GPS Location and Movement Data
-     Two-Way Communication
-     Timer
-     Precautionary Escort – SafeWalk
-     Stealth Mode
-     Crime Reporting – Tip Line
-     GEO Fence
-     Mass Broadcast Notifications
-     And So Much More…

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