Help Foster Global Connection, Transformation and Unity. Emergence Earth uses diverse tools including The Emergence Earth Family Journal (Digital Magazine and Powerful Media for an Inspired Community in Transition!). We have also created a “Conscious” social media hub, a Holistic/Healing Professionals Directory, and we have produced THE 11.11.11. Gathering (Sedona) and 5 annual Three Days of Light Retreat/Gatherings.
Emergence Earth was created to serve as a portal for creative energy to nourish and breathe life into transformative people, projects and productions.

This site is a transformative as the the community that co-creates it. Emergence Earth is built to be a lens of, for and by the community. The Conscious, Sustainable, Inspired and Activated community. Or, as we like to call it…  “Our Family!”. And it’s a GLOBAL FAMILY

EMERGENCE EARTH is growing. With you visiting this site and reading our articles, this is how it works. If you like what you see and would like more connection to the amazing community that is involved with the, again, co-creation, of this project, or if you have a project that you are passionate about and want to share it with the world, please connect with us and SHARE YOUR VISION.

This incredible project has been a gift of inspiration from a source that compels us to do more than imagine a more collaborative and cooperative world. It’s been a constant evolution from it’s inception to it’s current form. Now, as we grow and our light shines a bit brighter (Something that happens with every new registered member) we have an incredible opportunity to create something one of a kind and original. And something that will inspire others to keep reaching out with their dreams, believing that they can be achieved and made manifest. This moment now is a blessing.

WE breath life in to the dream of a more just and free world not only with acts of rebellion, but also (and this is where Emergence comes in, but with acts of creation. Co-Creation. Collaboration.

Our Mission: Emergence Earth is a multimedia and event based social entrepreneurship committed to serving through community outreach initiatives. Our social foundation is set up as a platform for global connection and resource generation giving power to the arts, honest media and activities that bring activation to cultural and environmental sustainability.

Our Strategy: We value strategic relationships to build a better world for all by turning competitive attitudes into collaborative benefits for everyone involved. Our axiom is to be a model of conscious behavior while offering opportunities and infrastructure to attain collective health and happiness.

The Vision: The Vision is to create an international entity and network that positively influences personal and community well-being. The platform is a catalyst for building global connections and alliances who have common interest to implement change and social sustainability. In the next three years, we see our social media network attracting over 100,000 members.

As the Emergence Earth effort grows we will have a greater ability to generate resources for projects, offering grants and micro-loans to Ambassadors and other individuals and organizations. The goal is to bring in and distribute over a million dollars a year. All the while, supporting the creation of multicultural healing and educational centers that model techniques for sustainable community living. We do this for the community through the help of our community.