ETI offers both a NFIRS 5.0 Compliant Fire Records Management System (FRMS) and NEMSIS Gold and HIPAA Compliant EMS Patient Reporting System

Emergency Technologies, Inc. (ETI) understands the challenges that Fire and EMS agencies face each and every day, and the importance of having easy access to critical data to ensure the safety of Fire and EMS personnel, and the citizens they protect.

Since 1995, ETI's sole business focus has been on software solutions and services for Fire Departments and EMS Agencies. ETI's sophisticated suite of applications include a Fire Records Management System (NFIRS Compliant), EMS Patient Reporting System (NEMSIS Gold Compliant) and a Field Based Reporting system. ETI's Visual Fire and Visual EMS systems are used by some of the largest Fire Departments and EMS Agencies in the United States.