An independent insurance agency with seventeen years experience, Emily Trujillo Agency is here to help you with all your insurance needs.


At the base of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains in Westcliffe Colorado, Emily graduated high school and worked on a local cattle ranch until it sold. Because she liked to help people, she became an emergency medical technician and enjoyed it very much but left the ambulance corps when she was hired by a local insurance agency to begin her career in 1999.

Working at Fredrickson-Brown Insurance as support staff, Emily enjoyed meeting people from all over the world who came to Westcliffe to buy a piece of heaven. This is where she received all her insurance training and knowledge to obtain her Resident Producer License from the State of Colorado. When the producer retired in 2003, Emily was asked to take the position and eagerly accepted. Sadly, a year later a big bank bought out the agency and decided the Westcliffe branch wasn't valuable enough to keep the doors open.

Seeing the value of having an insurance agency in the Wet Mountain Valley, a smaller agency looking to expand contacted Emily the day before the prior agency closed. The owner set up a meeting and hired her on the spot because there was no other insurance agencies within an hour driving distance from Westcliffe so, Westcliffe Insurance Center was born. Emily was the producer of that branch for eight years when it was bought out by the eleventh largest privately held agency in the United States, Insurance Office of America. Flashbacks came at her thinking she was going to be closed down again but she held on for three years.

Due to financial issues Emily knew she needed to take her destiny into her own hands and was approached by a man eagerly desiring to expand his agency but with a twist. He offered her the opportunity to OWN her own agency. Knowing she had built her clientele up to over a $600,000 book of business and what commissions that generated she decided why not?

Why not put that commission in her own pocket and not the pocket of a big corporation that hadn't given her a cost of living increase in over five years? Why not take what she loves doing, helping people, and offer her services to people who will not just become a number to their insurance agents? In July 2015 she made a commitment to herself and her husband to open her own agency and provide the best customer service and best coverage she could.

Emily Trujillo Agency is born.

Emily Trujillo Agency is a member of Best Rate Insurance Group, a group of independent agents dedicated so finding clients the best insurance for their needs. BRIG is headquartered in Pueblo Colorado.

A partnership with The Ahbe Group in Centennial Colorado allows us to write insurance in 40 states.


If you are following your dreams to own a home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, see us first. We may be able to package your secondary or rental home with your primary home and auto insurance no matter where you hang your hat.
If you have had a hard time in the past and need an SR-22, we have companies to provide you with one.
If you are looking for investment property in Colorado, let us help you protect it.