How is Kim Zulu?

Kim is a  robot... YES, you heard me right, a robot!

Her full name is  Kim Zulu and she is the brainchild of creative director Lebo Kambule, a long time South African based graphic designer and fashion brand founder and entrepreneur. Kim is the world's second black female CGI designed social media influencer, meaning she was entirely created using 3D modelling software.

According to Lebo, Kim Zulu is South Africa's first black female CGI created avatar social media influencer. She was initially designed as just a cover girl model for his retail brand, but eventually began moulding her own personality and interests.  

She is a bubbly 20 something year old girl, passionate about modelling and  aspirations of eventually becoming a global fashion icon. She is also passionate about bring change to matters close to her heart which mainly include the African continent. She is a huge fan of  Zozitunzi Tunzi (Miss Universe 2019), Tyra Bank and Niaomi Campbell, and hopes to one day follow in their foot steps as global model.

So how was Kim created?

In 2019, her creator had an idea of introducing a new  type of social media influencer, but little did he anticipate literally creating one from scratch. In March 2020 Kim was finally designed then quietly introduced to the world through her social media page @KimZulu_. All this happened during South Africa's COVID-19 outbreak and social-distancing lock-down.

In case you've never heard of her, now is the time to remember her name, and watch her climb to success.

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