E Mortgage Management (EMM) is a full service mortgage bank committed to providing superior service to its salespeople at every level. E Mortgage Management is committed to providing the security and stability of a big company with the personal touch of small local lender. From underwriting to closing and back end support, accounting, technology and compliance, EMM provides all of the necessary tools to keep you running smoothly and producing at your peak level. All this and we still pick up the phone when you call and take the time to listen. Become a part of our team and find out how great life as a Mortgage Banker can be.

Every new branch at E Mortgage is set up with a dedicated liaison to help them get acclimated. The EMM team is full service, providing full support for underwriting and closing, along with guidance on all the little things that are so important, such as accounting, licensing, marketing and IT. EMM is committed to stellar turn around times, with a streamlined process to make sure your loans close on time every time. This even includes dedicated bodies for purchase loans and Fannie Mae conforming loans, so they aren’t ever waiting to be underwritten. All of this allows you to maintain full control of your loans and closings.

EMM Branch Partners have access to all the tools a major mortgage banker can offer. Our fully integrated software platforms update in real time so you always have the necessary information at your fingertips. EMM also offers a full portfolio of mortgage products, including Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo and many others, so you can provide the right loan for your customers every time.

As a Branch Partner, you will set up a customized compensation structure that includes 100% commission retained by your branch. Because of our low loan fees system, you get to keep more money in your pocket. Our extremely low loan minimums and flexible capacity for closings mean an unlimited amount of income available to you. Imagine finally being able to run your branch the way you want! Become a Mortgage Banker with EMM to unlock your full earning potential.

E Mortgage Management is committed to the long term security of all our employees. This starts with top quality Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Human Resources. We help you manage all of them so commissions are always paid correctly and on time. As a Branch Partner, you will even receive benefits of working as an employee of our company including Health/Dental Insurance and 401K plans.
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