Empower Me T shirt Company is an idea inspired by noticing our grandson's T shirts, which were mostly graphic images of cartoon characters, super heroes and sports themes.
Being an educator, grandparent and fashion designer, I searched for fun T shirts that would empower youth to be the best they could be in a more realistic way,which had character building images, and positive messages. We could not find anything to our satisfaction. Therefore we decided to  design graphics and themes for youth T shirts that are original and fun, yet inspire and encourage youth to embrace
and celebrate activities that build character.  The Empower Me T shirt company uses 100% cotton, the designs include graphics which reflect the Arts, the skills involved in the playing of musical instruments, and the disciplines necessary for karate, ballet and drama.
These character building activities demonstrate, promote and inspire youth to greatness, and become learned skills for life.  Our web site is a novelty inclusive site for parents, grandparents, and school staff.  We not only provide gift ideas, we also feature blogs and resources on current information related to parenting and  education.