Empty Bee Artwork & Photography
Artist: Melissa Boccanfuso

Empty Bee Art is a small, yet rising, art business that has been exposed to New Hampshire, Connecticut and Manhattan all the way to Los Angeles, California. Creator, Melissa Boccanfuso, 24, is originally from Norwalk, CT and is a Keene State College graduate, who has been working on building this business for almost six years now. The name “Empty Bee Art” comes from Melissa’s initials “MTB.”
Empty Bee Artwork & Photography has been successful in building a portfolio that includes vibrant abstract pieces, oil realistic paintings, all the way to her photoshoots that capture emotion, memories, and the display of simplicity in complex compositions.
After living in California last year, Melissa gained experience in different cultures and art lifestyles that helped motivate and create her well-balanced portfolio. Melissa ‘s studio is located right here in Norwalk, CT, where she spends about eight to ten hours a day strengthening the roots to her business whether its painting, editing photos, networking or blogging. Her full range of work can be found and purchased at www.emptybeeart.com.
Empty Bee Artwork & Photography has big plans to become the business and brand it is meant to be. Melissa couldn’t be more motivated thanks to the incredible support and generosity of her community both near and far. The creation of art is something Melissa will continue to focus on for a very, very long time.