Sells EKG Reference cards and a video-based EKG Interpretation Training program.  The EKG Instructor is Colleen Kordish, RN BSN, who has over 15 years of cardiac experience. Colleen has worked at several major medical centers including The Cleveland Clinic. She has worked on Cardiac Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Surgery Units, a Cardiac Catheterization Lab, and most recently as a Cardiac Outcomes Coordinator.

The 2 7/8 x 5 5/8 Quick Reference cardsare beautifully printed in full color.  These rugged cards are not just laminated paper or stock - the printing is directly on the polymer card itself and protected by a UV coating for long use.  Sunlight, water, and other environmental hazards will not damage or degrade your reference cards, and they are easily cleaned with water and a wipe.  

EKG basics are printed on one side of the card, and the basics of our K.I.S.S. Method are on the other.  The cards are perfect when you need a memory jog, to help as you review your skills, and as a learning aid as you follow along with our EKG Interpretation training.

The EKG Interpretation Training Video is a unique, fast, fun and easy way to learn how to interpret a 12 lead EKG in less than 60 seconds.  The program is animated, narrated by the author, and full of examples for you to practice and hone your interpretation skills.

Best of all is what is not in the program.  Common EKG interpretation books and textbooks are bloated with theory, history, and long reviews of anatomy and physiology.  EmsEkg.com's program focuses on what you need to get the job done...correctly interpreting EKG's to improve outcomes for your patients.  That's all!

You can find examples of our program at www.EmsEkg.com and also on our YouTube channel when you search Youtube.com for "emsekg."