EMXCEL Travel Solutions is a rapidly-growing technology company committed to providing next-gen technology solutions for modern businesses. Founded in 2016, EMXCEL delivers customized solutions that help companies in optimizing operations, achieving efficiencies and augmenting the process of digital transformation. EMXCEL is fuelled by the passion for nurturing futuristic trends and developing digital solutions for the travel and hospitality industry that closely aligns to customer needs.

Our customer-centric and cost-efficient development approach helps businesses adopt efficient & robust technologies to improve their bottom line. With a customizable agile development model and SAAS-based software offerings, we ensure businesses get the best in technology without overburdening their finances.


•     Beep N Ride: Empowering cab rental service providers with a unified, economical, and intuitive digital solution to connect with riders, drivers, and corporates

•     Beep N Visit: Streamlining reception with an intelligent, intuitive, user-friendly and secure visitor management system

•     Beep N Buy: Empowering customers with a unified, economical, and intuitive digital solution to help them buy their daily necessities and get them delivered at their door-steps

•     Beep N Book: Creating exceptional business travel experiences for enterprises by enabling high-quality employee travel services in terms of availability, transparency, cost-effectiveness and travel automation

•     Beep N Stay: Empowering customers with hotel aggregation platform that is designed exclusively to connect hoteliers with travelers

•     Beep Kiosk: Bringing digital engagement at public places by empowering users with intuitive self-service kiosks to help them with rental cab bookings on-the-go