EnVoi Soul~Style Statement

EnVoi represents  "Wholeness~Spirit~Soul~Body~Style."

EnVoi values the authenticity and the craftsmanship of every article of clothing, accessories and products that we consign, offer and sell.

​We offer fashions, exclusive products and finishing services that coordinate with your lifestyle.  
EnVoi has an insider coterie a partnership with exclusive products and services we call our BEC Beauty-Exchange-Circle, and our Wellness-Product-Exchange.   ​

Our online  experience incorporates exclusive spiritual principles of  personal style and e offerings of pre-owned designer and MTO aparrell  & accessories, latest consignment fashion trends, make-up application, beauty products and personalized image and our new e-MAGE  online services.​

We love assisting women/men in becoming their very best.

Once a Stylista / Fashionista always one...​

EnVoi offers the very best in personal fashion and accessories. We offer image &  styling, customized services and local pick-up and delivery.

We authenticate every designer item before it is added to our inventory, trunk shows, pop-up boutiques, fashion flash events and our online store.

New inventory is added weekly.