In addition to our core products, we have continued to develop new additions that meet the growing demand for sustainable building products, including timber from FSCĀ® accredited and EUTR compliant sources, as well as the use of recyclable materials.

Our product range is the most comprehensive available and is supported by our high quality manufacturing, logistics, installation and customer services, which combine to deliver a complete solution for architects, specifiers and installers working in all aspects of building design, construction, fit-out and finishing.

Boiler Casings - Almost any boiler installation can be improver by concealing gas, central heating and flue pipe work with out pre-formed and pre-finished boiler pipe work casings, which are covered by a two-year guarantee. With a wide range of one-piece and two-piece casing solutions, including jointed and 'factory pre-made' options they not only provide enormous versatility and choice, but can also be fitted in around half the time of traditional site made alternatives.

Pipe Boxing - There is not quicker, easier or more cost effective method of concealing pipe work and other building services that out pre-formed and pre-finished pipe boxing. The range not only provides pre-formed plywood boxing profiles, which can be finished in a range of melamine, laminate and wood veneers, but also includes heavy duty pre-formed metal casings for exterior applications where protection from vandalism and theft are the primary considerations.

Column Casings - Our Extensive column casing range provides a stylish and integrated finish and is the perfect solution for concealing internal and external structural columns simple, quickly and cost effectively. As out range includes casings manufactured from pre=-formed plywood, aluminium and stainless steel as well as glass reinforced polymer (GRP) and gypsum (GRG) we can provide column casing solution to meet the broadest scope of specifications and project needs including standard and custom dimensions and shapes.

Interior Wall Linings - The Vecta range is designed as a fully integrated and versatile interior finishing system that includes high quality wall linings and lift lobby linings as well as reveals, soffits, bulkheads and skirting to provide the finishing touch to any project. All Vecta installations are created, produced and installed to meet the specific requirements of every individual project. The can be specified in a range of materials and finished including natural, brushed, anodised or polyester powder coasted (PPC) aluminium and stainless steel, together with compact laminates, which can be finished in a wide palette of colours.

Retail Interiors - Venda is a modular retail interior cladding system that not only helps enhance the look and feel of a store, but also provides stylish, flexible and practical product display solutions as an integral part of this highly versatile and easy to install package. Using a lightweight and rigid metal framework, the Venda system can be located against any internal wall or as a free standing, self-supporting structure to provide a stable platform on which the system's decorative fascia panels simply snap and click into place.

Furniture & Display - Vista is an innovative range of stylish furniture, storage and display solutions that can be readily adapted to meet the unique interior requirements found in hotels, hospitals, public buildings and retail, as well as a range of other sectors. Manufactured from a durable pre-formed plywood, Vista not only incorporates soft curves with its design, but also offers an almost unrivalled palette of finish options including plain colours, metallics, wood veneers and laminates to provide a versatile combination of style and durability.