About Encompass Foundation

Encompass Foundation is a humanitarian aid, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, established in 1995, and focuses not only the symptoms of poverty (hunger, lack of education, disease, etc.), but on eradicating the root of it.

Encompass Foundation does this through its relationships with government officials in over thirty countries and by promoting and supporting feeding, education, micro finance, and other charitable programs directly and indirectly through an association of humanitarian organizations, to benefit people regardless of nationality, gender, or background.

Encompass Foundation Programs


   * Worked with at risk teens through hands on volunteer programs.
   * Building houses in hurricane affected areas of Georgia.
   * Coordinated and funded education and skills training for inner city youth in Louisiana.
   * Managed fund raising events in California to provide medicine and critical supplies to refugees in South East Asia.
   * Partnered with local officials to provide service projects for at risk teens.
   * Lead construction and support teams to Georgia to aid in relief from 2007 tornado.
   * Established community programs for the elderly in Utah.
   * Working with students in Washington State to raise awareness of human trafficking in the United States.


   * Coordinated fund raising and logistics to provide emergency medical supplies for victims of cyclone Nargis in Burma.
   * Established ongoing supply of provisions to orphans and refugees in remote regions of Burma.

Costa Rica

   * Established community center in Costa Rica.
   * Developed support program for international students in Costa Rica.


   * Established micro-business funding program in Haiti.
   * Developed and maintain feeding program in Haiti.
   * Provide medical supplies to Haiti.


   * Research and development of business training programs for Kenya.
   * Established micro-business funding program in Kenya.


   * Development of water purification systems and environmental sustainability projects.
   * Established micro-business funding program.
   * Development of Moringa cultivation program.


   * Developed plan to establish self-sustaining orphanage.
   * Funded development of orphanage in Banmapa, Thailand
   * Provided training and funds for building of dorms and other structures.
   * Provided funding for construction of community buildings in Banmapa, Thailand.
   * Rose funding for 100 acres in Thailand for children's home.
   * Coordinated and lead construction teams to Thailand for the building of children's dormitories.
   * Initiated ESL classes in Thailand.
   * Developed and funded micro business in Thailand for self sustainability.
   * Provided training and materials for the development of agriculture project in Thailand.


   * Water purification and environmental sustainability projects.
   * Micro Finance - Encompass Foundation has promoted business development in over 16 countries. Encompass Foundation's vision is to enable the poorest households in rural areas of developing countries to establish and manage sustainable income generating programs thus eradicating poverty, hunger, and hopelessness.
   * Moringa cultivation - Encompass Foundation has researched and established programs to cultivate, process, merchandise and distribute nutritional and medicinal products derived from Moringa.

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Encompass Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity organization (EIN/tax ID number: 91-1744403). Donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.