Encore Path develops evidence-based technologies for recovery from stroke or other brain injury. The company was formed in 2006, and in 2009 Encore Path launched its first product, the Tailwind, for improving arm function and range of motion in people with paralysis on one side of the body.

Encore Path works with researchers at the University of Maryland Medical School, in the department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science. These researchers are actively involved in understanding how the brain rewires itself after injury. The Tailwind was developed out of this research. The Tailwind is also known as the BATRAC, or bilateral arm trainer with rhythmic auditory cueing. The Tailwind is an exercise device that combines bilateral training, repetition, and auditory cueing to help stroke survivors improve their arm movement and range of motion.

The Tailwind is available for purchase by calling 410-522-8709. It can be used in a rehabilitation center, or at home. It is an easy-to-use exercise device that people can use independently at a kitchen table. It comes with a DVD and training manual, and is easy to set up. It comes fully assembled and has a money-back guarantee. More information about the Tailwind can be found at www.encorepath.com.