END Youth Violence is an international organization which raises awareness on the topics of youth violence, bullying, drug and substance use and abuse awareness, abuse, human trafficing, exploitation, internet and technology based safety and much more.

End Youth Violence also offers assistance to victims and others dealing with or concerned about youth crime and youth violence. The END Youth Violence website has been online for over 10 years at www.youthandviolence.com. The site has had tens of millions of visitors from over 90 countries. END Youth Violence has assisted victims, persons with mental health and suicidal issues, prevention of school shootings, victim advocacy and assistance and much more. Assistance through the website is free of charge to ensure all persons requireing help can receive it without barriers.

The founding director of END Youth Violence has travelled extensively instructing workshops to law enforcement and government agencies, non-proffit organizations, schools and school districts, social and youth services workers, parenting groups, victim assistance workers and others dealing with youth or concerned about youth crime and violence.

The founding director is also the Author of Youth Violence - An International Crisis available online at https://www.createspace.com/3420188  or via online book resellers all over the world. The book is available in both print format and digital format.

Book Details :

TitleYouth Violence An International Crisis
SubtitleFighting Violence by and Against Youth
Volume Number2
DescriptionAn in depth look at the causes and effects of violence in todays society. By intenationally known violence prevention, reduction and intervention specialist, James Miller. From school yard bullying, b...
Primary CategoryLaw / Criminal Law / Juvenile Offenders
Country of PublicationCanada
Publication DateDecember 20 2009