Our portfolio boasts a range of exclusive DNA tests, prominently featuring our patented endocannabinoid system genetic screening. Complementing this groundbreaking offering are tests encompassing female and men's hormone health, mental health, nutrient and vitamin profiles, and skin-related assessments.

At the core of our innovative approach is the B2B Lab in a Box solution, empowering companies to seamlessly enter the precision wellness arena by implementing their own branded, white-labeled DNA testing. Further enhancing our capabilities, EndoDNA has meticulously crafted a cloud-based software platform designed to interpret genetic data generated by our laboratory. This platform transforms raw data into meaningful reports and facilitates treatment plan support, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of individual genetic profiles.

Notably, we extend the reach of our cutting-edge technology by licensing our cloud-based platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS) to medical providers, laboratories, and consumer product companies. This strategic move allows them to develop personalized, branded DNA reports without facing the high barriers to entry inherent in the precision wellness marketplace.
Central to our offering is developing an interactive treatment plan, suggesting personalized protocols based on our patented modalities or healthcare professionals' recommendations.

Our technology incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and is currently in the process of engineering a comprehensive suite leveraging generative AI. This suite will enable real-time, on-the-fly DNA reporting, marking a disruptive leap in health and wellness practices. EndoDNA's proprietary feedback loop and the world's largest efficacy database set the stage for unparalleled advancements in the MedTech landscape.