Energy Crops Brazil (ECB) is a company dedicated to high performance biomass crops, acting on both the agricultural, industrial and services sides of the business.

We apply state of the art agricultural procedures on our own plantations of Elephant Grass, Milletta Pinnata Pongamia, Oil Palm Trees, Moringa Oleifera and Silver Leaf.

ECB performs subsequent industrial processing of energy crops, obtaining high value, added end products (biomass pellets and briquettes, pure plant oils) and derivatives (agriculture fertilizers and livestock nourishment), not competing with food production.

As a result of our combined know-how, we also supply third parties with dedicated consultancy turn-key solutions, covering all the major business steps in the biomass fuels sector: starting with market and economic viability studies, covering farms and processing plants implementation and management, and acting as a specialized business broker in the area.

ECB develops high performance energy crops, aiming also to provide biomass raw materials for third parties specialized in second generation biofuels technology to produce bio-ethanol, bio-gasoline, activated carbon and other high value products for energy markets.