Energy Equity Corp. is a specialized, global expert development company dedicated to creating and designing the latest sports equipment products and protecting value while facing critical business risks and opportunities.

Through Senior Executive level engagement with vendors, production groups, media buyers and wholesale & retail outlets, Energy Equity Corp. professionals combine experience and technical expertise in Economics, Financial Management  and Sports Training with business pragmatism in the highly competitive Sporting Equipment Development and Retail industries to support Supply & Demand and distribution of  their inventory.

Energy Equity Corp.’s outlook is to be the leading global creator, developer, distributor and licenser of sports equipment devices and related items while attaining respect in the highest regard among its peers and competitors for its trusted reliability with regard to its most critical business challenges.

Energy Equity Corp.’s employees work toward its vision by continuously generating innovative solutions that will positively impact the evolution of Sports Training.
Inspired by a steadfast commitment to excellence in the perpetual development of sports products while proclaiming a collective growth of success and achievements.
The Company is built on an entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by dynamic teamwork and collaboration and founded on trust and respect for each other.
The Company’s leaders believe integrity, perspective, dedication and persistence are the keys to ensuring their enduring success and prosperity.