We are specialized in energy saving filed. We are producer of Energy Saving Products, LED Light products. We have pop Led Flood Light, Led Gas Station Light, Led Street Light, Led High Bay Light, Solar LED street lights, LED Fluorescent, LED billboard, LED Spot Lamp, Led Commercial Light, LED controller and New our product WRI Digital Power Controller, Digital Power Supply…etc.  We can do OEM.

Our company LED lights compare others, advantage is low power high lumens.

Can you check our details lumens and consumption power ( Our product is real Consumption Power ) for energy save, LOW POWER, HIGH BRIGHTNESS

Our Led Lights :

Operating Temperature Range

High temperature draft is prevented automatically by micro-processor with built-in temperature sensor,.

Can guarantee our product work well without any problem even the surround air temperature is 45 centigrade in the summer time.

Life Time

More than 50,000 Hours

LED is prevented from any damages automatically by micro-processor

Prevention Operating Temperature Drift

Automatic prevent for the LED’s operating temperature drift.

In LED is operating, the LED’s temperature is drift to go high.

If without any protection for the drift temperature, than at result the LED is taken a very serious damages.

But our LED-lights is always prevented form the any damage and the operation is very stable by built-in micro-processor.

Regulated Brightness

Our LED-lights can keep very stabled brightness.

Our LED-light’s brightness is never varied even in the very variable surround environment condition by built-in micro-processor.

Centralized Control System

Very easy to move for a update system for future.

Our LED-lights has a data communication port, therefore it is very easy to move for the update system for future. Available data communication is as follows.


   - WiFi

   - Ethernet

   - PLC and others

Using Solar Power System

It is very easy to change the power source from commercial power to a Solar power, because our “Regulated current power” is available for the both power supply sources.

Our Centralize Lighting system :


Our Centralize Control System by New Digital Power Controller

``By Computer can control up to 100, 000….300,000…..( NO LIMIT )  lights / lamps / led lights, power devices..etc.  for a distance of more than 500km…1,000km…( NO LIMIT ) using a single wire, Communication Interface and Communication Controller.``

Total system control for Switching ON, Switching OFF, selective control for Switching ON, Switching OFF, selective Setting for reduction of safe lamp voltage levels for power savings according to the programmable time schedule , monitoring and recording of the load parameters voltage, current, energy, power factor etc, cheapest data communication to CENTRAL MONITORING SYSTEM ( GSM/ GPRS/ GPS/ wired /any other? ). kind of instruments/equipment lamp data acquisition, Kind of sophisticated software for controlling the whole system, Generates energy saving and energy consumption reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Lamp failure report on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Daily alert reports of low voltage, Instantaneous alert reports etc. sudden load changes, power cuts and other adverse factors. Reliable and Safe Changeover, Weather Proof and durable Enclosure, Reduction in elecrtical bills, Maintenance Cost, Capital Cost, Energy Theft/Leakage etc

Optional functions as follows:
1、PC Control:On/Off Control(Group or individual);Dimming Control(Group or individual);Timer(Scheduled On/Off,Dimming control),
2、Low power consumption and High brightness.
3、Wireless Remote controller available for all functions.
4、Motion sensor available(Human detect-Otioned).
5、Warning Alarm available(Fire,Smog,High temperature-Optioned).
Our System by new digital power suply The price List without dimmer,if you need dimmer function,should pay some money.

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