Manila, Philippines January 14, 2012

How to generate savings and cash flow for your company without investing money

As economic conditions leave businesses searching for ways to cut on costs and increase efficiency, you can become a company hero by introducing a program that can generate savings and positive cash flow with zero cash outlay.

Energy Smart Industry (ESI) has just launched its Green Lease Management Program (GLMP)/Zero Cost LED Retrofit Program through its international business affiliate, Energy Smart Asia in the Philippines.

ESI is in the business of creating energy efficient lighting and LED retrofitting offering innovative lighting redesign by creating the most energy efficient environment without compromising the modern day comfort it provides.

Our Zero Cost LED Retrofit Program/GLMP is an environment friendly solution that guarantees immediate energy bill reduction and positive cash flow with no out of pocket cost to our clients - a win-win program for our clients, for us and the planet. This is now available to all commercial properties in the Philippines that qualify.
This exceptional business model in retrofitting yields a perfect balance – creating the most energy efficient lighting environment with the optimal amount of lumen output, generating millions in energy savings and in maintenance cost.  Energy bills will be reduced by up to 70% and cash back is realized at day one after the retrofit is completed.


ESI conducts an analysis of your existing lighting and energy use. Then utilizing sophisticated computer software, our engineers will design a lighting solution specific to your requirements.

After the planning/design is made, ESI will work with you to determine the scope of the GLMP specifics that work best for you. This unique funding mechanism allows ESI to collect fees only when your company has begun to demonstrably save money on energy costs through our LED lighting system.

The savings goes to your facility and a portion to ESI at a percentage to be determined by the length of the management contract made before the LED retrofit. A longer contract will release more cash immediately into your budget, or you may wish to complete the obligation more quickly, with less cash produced for immediate needs. ESI will work with you to find the lighting retrofit program that best suits your needs.

Our Guarantee

Zero capital outlay for audit, design, installation, labor & materials.  After the retrofit, your company will enjoy maintenance-free lighting and lamps under warranty for the full term of the agreement.  Your savings are also guaranteed to be more than your monthly payment to ESI.  You are guaranteed to see immediate savings in your energy bills after the installation of our LED light system.
For more information or for a free energy audit of your building, please contact us at jude.pass@energysmartasia.com