How Engage Mobile is Different – We Are Not Your Ordinary Mobile App Company

We help companies leverage mobile technology and marketing to drive profitability through increasing revenue, decreasing cost and managing risk.

Hundreds of companies can build or develop a mobile application – the big question is, “Will your mobile application drive results for your business?”

Engage Mobile has been built from the ground up to be different from traditional web or mobile development companies.  At the heart of our approach is an absolute focus on the end game – user engagement – what do you want your customer/user to do.  We focus our effort to gain absolute clarity regarding the goals regarding user engagement and behavior prior to building software.

Our team has been working on mobile strategy, business models, marketing and profitability for over 10 years – long before smartphones were commonplace.  Today, we bring that experience to bear with every major operating system – Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows 8 and HTML 5 – along with every platform including Apple iPhone, Google Android phone, Apple iPad, Google Android tablets, Microsoft Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Surface tablets and whatever is next.

With more than 20 years in Enterprise IT, we understand how to work from the business strategy, through your IT strategy, and help you develop your mobile strategy.  With an intense focus on end-user engagement and behavior, we work with you to determine the appropriate platforms, technologies, frameworks, and user experience to get results.

Of course it is not about the operating system or hardware – it is about driving your business – and that is where Engage Mobile shines.  Once we understand your goals regarding user behavior and engagement we work with you to develop the appropriate mobile strategy for your unique situation.

Strategy is of little value without the right team to execute.  Our team has deep expertise in design, development and marketing to ensure a successful product that meets your goals.

Contact us at www.engagemobile.com to find out what we are all about.  Our team of experts can help you leverage mobile to drive your business to the next level.