From 2005 ENGAGE founders ran a construction company, a recruitment agency and a payroll & accountancy firm, which together paid and processed a few thousand temporary workers; a microcosm of the supply chain ENGAGE now addresses.  

They discovered that to run the “recruit to paid” process across these businesses required a minimum of 6 pieces of software together with duplicated data entry, email, excel, whiteboards and phones calls destroyed profits in all 3 businesses.

With technology backgrounds the founders built their own solution - the Engage workforce management solution was born. Eliminating a disjointed tech stack, human error and duplication not only added value in the founder’s businesses, but also across several of their customers’ companies.  
The opportunity was obvious.  The whole supply chain in this multibillion market has the same problems.
And in 2014 they launched ENGAGE, the best in class cloud-based software that makes finding, hiring, and paying contractors painless for the whole supply chain.  
Engage provides a central point of information to enable automation and unified information across the temporary workforce supply chain. This enables recruitment agencies and hirers to manage their labour supply chain more efficiently. Engage also tracks compliance throughout the paid-to-recruit process across your whole supply chain.