Enroot will firmly place one into the expeditiously expanding Electronic Music industry. Creating a quality PR and Marketing campaign is essential to gaining traction in this highly competitive and overwhelming scene. The business of music is a treacherous one. With the rise of the internet, the world we live in has changed, and the past is not coming back. But the glass is half-full: social networking and the internet are the new avenues for the next Richie Hawtin or Carl Cox to be born on.

Most artists spend their entire lives learning how to play music and write songs, and they don't really know how the music business works. Publicity is an act or device designed to attract public interest; specifically: information with news value issued as a means of gaining public attention or support. The artist is the buyer and in the driver's seat and the music keeps us in business. Your job is to create music and Enroot's job is to help you with your personal goals and needs as an artist.

Let Enroot create a well-organized and well-planned campaign that delivers meets your personal goals and needs as an artist.

Let Enroot help you raise awareness of you in the press, help build a story, and build up critical acclaim.