Trusted by more than 1,500 schools across India, Entab is the best school management system company in Delhi. Its advanced school ERP and mobile apps are used in leading schools including, DPS group, GD Goenka, and Navy Children School in 27 states. Evolved over 20 years,

Entab has won various awards for being the best school management system company in Delhi, best school ERP, and best school mobile apps. Headquarter in Delhi, the school management system company has its presence throughout the country with regional centres in Kochi, Guwahati, Lucknow, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

School Management App versions:

1. CampusCare® (Enterprise Edition, Residential Schools, Multi-Schools, Ready-to-use)
2. CampusSoft™ (Standard Edition, Ready-to-use)
3. CampusSoft® Lite (Regular Edition, Ready-to-use)
4. CampusKidz™ (ERP for Kindergarten, Ready-to-use)

School ERP Modules:
•     Online Registration
•     Student Information System
•     School Fee Management
•     Exam & Result Management
•     Library Management
•     Staff Information Management
•     Staff Payroll Management
•     Financial Accounting
•     Inventory Management
•     Bus Transport & GPS
•     Attendance Management


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For more info visit: https://www.entab.in/