Dear Fellow Business,
You know how the saying always goes, ‘The customer is always right?’ Well it is not so true in today’s society anymore. For the past 25 years, I have been involved with the service industry, with most of those years, owning my own business.  As a young man, I was taught that in life and in business, you were to have integrity. This has been a mainstay for my foundation of my life and businesses.  The problem is that there are an increasing amount of people who do not hold these same values.  
Customers have many outlets where they can complain about a business,  such as,  the Better Business Bureau, Complaints.com, etc. Have you noticed that sometimes the whole thing was blown way out of proportion, or you didn’t get a say in the situation?  Everyone is a customer,  but not everyone is in the hot seat of the business  owner, contractor, etc. You may have a customer who has not paid you, who  gave you a hard time, who complained about you, etc. What if you were able to know about these certain customers with your future jobs?  You can… Businesses finally have an outlet and way to help each other by fighting back against those hard to please customers, it’s called Business Beware.  
You can search by zip code and counties to look up someone who has been complained about in your area.  The membership fee is just $5.00.  With becoming a member, you can file as many complaints as you want and search the database.
You  can try to deal with those customers that make your days miserable, or fight back and help out other fellow businesses.