Entrinsik, Inc.
Since 1984, Entrinsik has been developing, implementing, and supporting information management solutions that enable organizations to maximize performance and improve bottom lines.

Entrinsik Informer is an integrated, enterprise-ready data discovery platform for agile, on demand data analysis designed to install and deploy quickly and support millions of rows of data. Informer 5.0 hides technical complexities and makes it easy for end users to generate reports and visualizations by blending data from multiple sources without IT expertise. See over 60 product reviews from verified users at www.trustradius.com/product/entrinsik-informer.

Entrinsik Enrole software now drives many of the nation's largest professional and continuing education profit centers, offering flexible registration, course management, and ecommerce from one dynamic and intuitive hub. Read verified user reviews of Enrole at http://www.capterra.com/event-management-software/spotlight/122060/Enrole/Entrinsik.