Envirolok™ is the manufacturer and supplier of a permanent civil engineering soft armour system for building 3 dimensional mechanically interlocked vegetated earth-scaping systems for steep slope stability, streambank/shoreline protection, erosion control, stormwater management, green retaining walls, and linear infrastructure projects. Envirolok™ has demonstrated appeal where immediate structural stability and integrity is required and a beautified vegetated outcome is desired. Envirolok™ can be simply engineered to fit applications where conventional bioengineering or hard solutions can’t work functionally or economically.

The Envirolok™ system employs unique connection spikes and a patented cinch and twine methodology when required to provide 3-d interlocking strength to structures prior to vegetation, which can be accomplished by way of hydroseeding, live plugging, brush layering or live staking. The Envirolok™ system is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to other soft bioengineering solutions and hardscaping materials such as gabion baskets, rip-rap, manufactured stone, armourstone or concrete.

1.     Envirolok™ has been approved and installed by numerous Municipalities including City of Toronto, City of Hamilton, City of London, City of Mississauga, City of Oshawa, City of Barrie, City of Stratford, City of London, and Envirolok™ has been specified and approved by multiple Conservation Authorities including TRCA, CVC, Kettle Creek,  CLOCA, LSRCA, UTRCA and Kawartha and by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Department of Fisheries. Envirolok™ has also been specified by many Landscape Architects, Fluvial Geomorphologists, Environmental and Water Resources Engineers and others from firms including Terraprobe, Cole, D.M Wills, Sernas Group, AMEC, AECOM,  and Inspecsol/GHD.

A recent Envirolok project featured in Muskoka Magazine can be found with this link.